Hyper Chat Pro 12 Month Subscription
Hyper Chat Pro 12 Month Subscription

Hyper Chat Pro 12 Month Subscription

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The Hyper Chat Pro Bundle Package gives you access to BOTH our stock and crypto groups

1. The Main Groups (Stocks + Crypto) : This is where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and for updates on our set ups or stocks/coins that you're interested in.

2. The Alerts Group (Stocks + Crypto) : This is where you'll have access to our set ups that range from the following types (We aim to send multiple set ups daily): 
  • Day trades - buy and sell the same day

  • Swing trades - usually a 2-5 day hold

  • Position trades - typically a 3-5 week hold

Set ups include: entry points, stop loss points, and profit taking points. Entry AND exit alerts are sent to the members when it's time to enter or exit a position.

3. The Education/Charts Group: This is where important market updates and charts/educational information is sent

Along with the set ups, you’ll receive a few crash courses in video and PDF form upon joining so you get a little bit of a running start.

How are the set ups sent?

We also have a group on Telegram dedicated for daily set ups through the week. As opportunities arise, we post the full set up in the chat, including: entry, exit, and stop loss points. 

Hyper Stocks does not offer refunds on any digital product and/or service.