What is Hyper Stocks? 

Hyper Stocks is an online community created to guide and educate traders on equities and options. We use technical and fundamental analysis to engineer our trades and utilize earnings, macro and micro economical trends, fundamental, and technical research to manage ongoing trades and investments. We monitor market activity for overnight volume gain, new-found relative strength, unusual options activity, and much more to find and trade the most sufficient set-ups. 

What is The Hyper Chat?

The Hyper Chat is our flagship service. This is the community that got us all started and where we've guided our members through thousands of stock set-ups. This group is active every minute of market hours and we send daily market levels, set-ups including entry and exit updates, education, analyses, charts and much more. This group focuses on short term day trades and swing trades for both equities and options.

What is Hyper Wealth?

Our Hyper Wealth Community slows things down a bit. While short term trading is fun, longer term position trades can also be very fruitful if taken in the right stocks. In Hyper Wealth we focus on high yielding dividend stocks and multi-month position trades to take advantage of market capital rotation cycles. This is a much lower risk community and it doesn't require active attention from the trader.

What is taught in the Hyper Course?

The Hyper Course has had phenomenal reviews from both beginners and experts. It is broken down into three pieces, one is the beginner trading course where you'll learn the basics and fundamentals of trading. The second part is our options trading course, this is where you'll learn all about The Greeks, bid & ask, implied volatility, choosing an options contract, multi-leg option strategies...etc. Finally, the third part of the course is our newest and most advanced trading course. You'll learn technical analysis, intraday and overnight trend, utilizing trading indicators, the necessary components of any trading set-up...etc. Basically, this course is designed to give you A-Z education to supercharge your trading. 

The Community 

Our members have the ability to community directly to the admins and get a real person response, not bots. We're available to answer any questions, provide analysis, give price targets, draw up charts...etc. all on member request. This is a family style place that keeps it professional at all times.