Advanced Trading Course

Advanced Trading Course

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Joining this course gives you lifetime access to all our courses and guides, including our options trading course.

Enjoy our most advanced course to date. This course is designed to help supercharge your trading career by providing you in-depth education and cutting edge strategies to apply to everyday market movement. This is the only course you'll ever need to understand stock trading and chart movement. The strategies provided will be applicable to different market conditions, including both bullish and bearish cycles. 

Chapter 1 - The Basics

Chapter 2 - Brokerage Platforms

Chapter 3 - Order Types. Bid / Ask

Chapter 4 - Why Do Stocks Move?

Chapter 5 - Candlestick Charts

Chapter 6 - Technical Analysis 

Chapter 7 - Patterns

Chapter 8 - Creating a Set-Up

Chapter 9 - Indicators

Chapter 10 - Trading Styles / Strategies 

Chapter 11 - Scanners