Hyper Wealth Membership

Hyper Wealth Membership

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This group is designed to generate wealth through dividends and long term trades. It is a perfect community for those searching for a low management style of trading, like someone with a full time job looking to make passive income from the market.

The goal is to build a new stream of income through dividends and position trades. Position trades are multi week/month stock set-ups in low-risk companies that have large upside potential.
Each set up includes:
1. Entry
2. Stop loss
3. Price target (Profit taking)
How are the set ups sent?

We also have a group on Telegram dedicated for daily set ups through the week. As opportunities arise, we post the full set up in the chat, including: entry, exit, and stop loss points. 

This is a monthly subscription with no contract. Hyper Stocks does not offer refunds on any digital product and/or service.