Weekly Watchlist 12.07.2020

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Stop loss: 20.30

Price target: 24.00

Second PT: 25.50-26.00

Analysis done on two hour candles. With the vaccine release becoming more real for the world, investors are beginning to see a glimmering hope in restaurants and their stocks reflect their sentiment. RRGB in particular is also being fueled by a strong earnings report that took place in the beginning of November. The stock jumped on earnings and has been inching up slowly and it looks ready to breakout into the 22.00+ zone. Although the chart looks strong and markets appear to be healthy, we must keep our guards up when trading restaurant/leisure stocks due to the increase in Covid cases. Whenever we enter a set up, we have to look at both the pros and cons so make to do so here so make sure to set a comfortable stop loss in case Covid cases cause a negative impact on the sector.

CPE (High risk)

Stop loss: 13.75


Stop loss: 13.30

Price target: 16.50-17.00

Analysis done on two hour candles. CPE had a killer week last week along with many other stocks in the oil and gas sector. The stock ran up to the 14.00 price point before pulling back, which makes that our primary resistance in focus going into this week. Although the stock ran up a considerable amount, it still hasn’t nearly pushed into overbought territory and volume is still very strong. We’re looking for a breakout above 14.00 this week and it may come early so be on the look out especially Monday for this move. Stocks with as much volume as CPE saw on Friday tend to be quick movers so you’ll need to actively watch them when in the set up.


Stop loss: 2.13 (Low risk)

Price target: 3.00

Second PT: 3.30

Analysis done on two hour candles. Like REITs, oil and gas stocks have also lagged behind the broader market’s recovery, but are beginning to show signs of strength again. This doesn’t mean all oil and gas companies will be worth an investment, but KOS is displaying SHORT TERM potential for a trade. The stock moved Friday along with the oil industry and displayed strong bullish volume. Another attractive components of KOS’s stock is the weekly chart (not shown). Their weekly candles have accumulated more buying volume week over week for four consecutive weeks, which could mean a large upside move is waiting to happen.


Stop loss: 4.93

Price target: 6.50

Second PT: 6.90-7.00

Analysis done on daily candles. After their strong earnings gap up, this medical supplies company is beginning to catch traction again for more upside potential. Looking at their daily chart, we can see that they had three considerable days of buying volume since their earnings. The stock has consolidated in a healthy range since their earnings move and is now pushing to test the 5.70 resistance for a breakout. Our main focus this week is on that resistance point. If the stock can breakout successfully, we can turn 5.70 into a support and use it for a potential new stop loss.


Stop loss: 6.45

Price target: 9.00-9.50

Analysis done on daily candles. As the world of innovation continues to move at a lightening pace, we’re beginning to see more and more people adopt things like smart home gadgets in their lives. ARLO is a company focused on premium smart home technology and they caught fire last week after they made an appearance on Apple’s website home page. Since their appearance, the company’s stock has held a very healthy range and ended the week with bullish signs. The company’s hourly candles (not shown) also show a cup and handle pattern that looks about ready to breakout from the 7.40 resistance.


The stocks posted are the preliminary stocks and set ups we’ll be watching this week. All price points are subject to change based on market performance and sector health. Please do your own research and analysis on these companies/charts before taking on any set ups. Trade at your own risk and as always, good luck! Let’s have a fantastic week.