Watchlist 09.27.2021

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These set ups are not limited to this week, some may take longer to come around.


Analysis done on two hour candles. Nvidia’s projected growth is beyond imaginable as the company continues to advance itself in the ever changing world. Between their involvement in microprocessors and GPUs, the company managed to be a hit within the growing gaming world and the crypto world. For many, Nvidia would be considered a dominating power in its industry and is a company that is bought at every “dip”. Although its shares were rocked by the market’s recent decline, the buying volume on the stock at the dips displays the amount of interest this one has. Apart from their long term potential, NVDA’s short term charts may give us an opportunity for a trade above the 225.25 level. The stock is projected to test that point if we get healthy markets this week, and if it breaks out then the price target projection is 229.00-230.00 to start and could push much higher if it breaks all time highs. 


Analysis done on hourly candles. Under Armour shares rose Friday after Nike’s decline on their earnings. Under Armour’s market cap is nowhere near Nike’s, but the company is still worth a look for those interested in a retail trade or a hold for a few months. Looking at their last earnings, UAA posted a solid growth quarter in August and the stock shot to highs of 26.00 before buyers began taking profits. Their decline since then has been stronger than expected, but we began to see buying volume increase around their 20.00 support, making them an attractive entry at these lows with a stop loss just below 21.00 or just below 20.00. Our main focus going forward is for a breakout above the 21.80 mark for a chance to  move to 22.50 and 23.50-24.00. 


Analysis done on two hour candles. Digital Turbine was one of the most popular investments in 2020 for many software investors since they specify in a very niche business. Large national and international wireless carriers use this company is preinstall apps on the cell phones they sell to consumers. The screen space is considered real estate for big companies and they want their share of the space so digital turbine became the middle man. 2021 was a bit of a rockier road for the company as it cooled down from the astonishing highs it made, but looking at their chart, they may be gearing up for a large upside move. With mobile spending increasing, we see the company is generating greater than expected revenue and has enough cash flow to develop itself further in its niche sector. Their daily candles’ position is back above the 200 day MA, which gives us a solid support to use on entry with a stop loss just below in case it breaks. Price targets are 78.00-80.00 to start and potentially higher if it breaks the 80.00 resistance successfully. 


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The stocks posted are the preliminary stocks and set ups we’ll be watching this week. All price points are subject to change based on market performance and sector health. Please do your own research and analysis on these companies/charts before taking on any set ups. Trade at your own risk and as always, good luck! Let’s have a fantastic week.
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