Russell 2000 ETF Analysis and Technicals

Russell 2000 ETF

The small cap index $IWM is one of the most popular ETFs for exposure to US small-cap companies. IWM’s holdings are diversified amongst many different sectors and industries, all within the small Capp segment. Not too long ago, many small cap names were reaching new lows for the year, but recent markets sentiment has shifted all around, leading many names higher. Mid and large cap stocks have pushed to new 2023 highs, boosting other large indexes such as SPY and The Dow to new 2023 highs. This upside move has “leaked” into other parts of the market, bringing buyers back into the smaller, higher risk, names that haven’t seen buying in months. 

Investing in small caps can be highly risky because many of them don’t have the strongest fundamentals and are very susceptible to interest rates and economic policy, but investing in an ETF that holds many of these names can be great for exposure to small cap growth with much lower risk.