Proctor & Gamble Stock Analysis and Projections


Chart done on 30 minute timeframe. Although considered a foundational name long term, Proctor & Gamble may see some headwinds in the short term as inflation begins to fall. For multiple quarters now, companies in the household goods industry along with others in the consumer defensive sector have beat their revenue quarter over quarter by raising prices on their customers, but with the easing inflation rates and a more careful consumer, companies will struggle to maintain higher prices and margins. Generally speaking, PG is not known as a growth stock, it is largely owned for its dividend. Similar to names like KO and PEP, these stocks float around the same large range for years before seeing a significant move so they’re good to own for decades, but the short term will be uneventful. 

Technical analysis: 

The short term timeframe is at risk of failure below the 153.00 mark and a move back to retest the 146.00-147.00 support where chances are the stock will break. If buyers gather enough strength to push it above 153.00 then it can potentially see 158.00.