PayChex (PAYX) Fundamental & Technical Anaysis


Chart done on daily timeframe. Paychex is a company that provides payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions to businesses of various sizes. Its revenue is primarily derived from subscription-based services for payroll processing, HR management, and related services. Fundamentally, the company has generally maintained healthy profit margins due to its subscription-based business model, which contributes to stable profitability. The company serves a wide range of clients, including small, medium, and large businesses across various industries. The diversity of its client base helps mitigate risks associated with economic fluctuations in specific sectors. Paychex’s market cap is less than half of its primary competitor, ADP. ADP’s market cap is currently at 103B and revenue annual revenue is 18B (TTM), while PAYX is 43B in market cap and 5B in annual revenue.