MSFT (Microsoft) Short Term Analysis


Chart done on hourly timeframe. Microsoft shares closed higher today after getting a boost from the recent GPT4 rollout. The company’s large stake in OpenAI has allowed them to power their Bing search engine with the latest artificial intelligence technology and has made use of their cloud computing infrastructure, Azure. Shares of Microsoft have been rallying for three days, despite the overall market turmoil and fears. Looking at its hourly chart over the last ten days, we see that the stock has moved above the 260.00 resistance, which makes that the most critical support going forward. The stock’s short term chart does look a bit overextended, so a consolidation period may be due; the consolidation range is 260.00-266.75, above 266.75 the price target is 270.00-271.00. Below 260.00 the price target is 256.00-257.00.