Gold (GLD) Analysis


Chart done on daily timeframe. Precious metals have always been a safe haven for investors when economical or geopolitical uncertainty grows. Gold and silver in specific become highly desirable in inflationary environments, but unlike other times in history, this inflation cycle didn’t push these precious metals, likely because investors capital was flowing into real estate and partially into cryptocurrency. However now with high interest rates beginning to take a toll on real estate, and with multiple U.S. backed wars around the world, we’ve seen an uptick in in precious metals once again, reflecting the strongest buying volume in months. 

We’re expecting gold and silver to continue rising and are already holding shares of SLV. If this push follows through as expected, shares of mining companies, such as HL, CDE, GOLD, PAAS…etc. are expected to continue the push as well. Our focus will be on SLV and GLD because they’re ETFs that directly track the price of the underlying precious metal. Keep in mind that these names move slow and aren’t always consistent, but in the long term they’ve proven themselves a worthy investment and a great hedge to economic uncertainty.