Boeing Fundamental & Technical Analysis


Chart done on daily candles. Shares of Boeing are flying higher in recent trading developments after the company reported their recent quarterly earnings. Results came in better than expected and future outlook is looking strong as demand picks up in different sides of the world. Last year Boeing received multiple contracts for Middle Eastern nations as they planned to double their fleet, and this year their dominance stretched to India too. Unfortunately Boeing’s ultimate challenge over the last several years has been the public perception of them after the defects in the 737M airplane, but they are slowly proving themselves again as a company. Giants like Boeing are hard to take down, and even if they suffer in the short term, long term they remain a safe and investable company. 

Fundamental analysis:

Although still operating at a negative net income, the company has managed to improve its bottomline despite inflation over the last year. Revenue has grown to 73B TTM from 58B in 2020, placing them on the path back to 100B in revenue that they were on pre-pandemic. Free cash flow has improved to 7B, but asset to liability ratio remans negative so that’s something to watch over the next 12 months. Investors want to see a greater asset number than liabilities. 

Technical analysis:

The stock finally broke above a six month consolidation period after the last earnings report. The breakout is similar to the one it saw in October 2022, which then resulted in a near 100% rally. We’re looking for a continuation from here to 250.00-255.00.