AT&T (T) Q3 Earnings and Analysis

AT&T’s stock (T) has gained nearly 24% in October after the company announced its Q3 earnings. The company surpassed expectations in subscriber growth, and beat both EPS and revenue. The surge of users switching from Verizon (VZ) after they raised their prices helped AT&T gain back market share and investors love what they’re seeing. At a price of less than $20, AT&T is a great dividend stock as it offers a quarterly dividend of $.277 and could boost it if their bottom line continues to improve. Their marketing team has recently done advertisements with superstars such as Lebron James, which is a phenomenal move to add credibility to the company. For now AT&T has ran its short term course into an overbought level, we’d like to see it pull back to the blue range to begin a long term position.