Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial
Hyper Chat Pro Trial

Hyper Chat Pro Trial

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The Hyper Chat Pro Bundle Package gives you access to all our trading / investing groups

Our swing trades and position trades are designed for those with a full time job and can't monitor the market all day long.

Our day trades are usually sent in the first two hours of trading, but we're active all day in the group to send set-ups and update markets.

Here's what you'll have access to if you join:

1. The Main Group: This is where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and for updates on our set ups or stocks that you're interested in.

2. The Alerts Group (Stocks + Options) : This is where you'll have access to our set ups that range from the following types (We aim to send multiple set ups daily): 
  • Day trades - buy and sell the same day

  • Swing trades - usually a 2-5 day hold (these are perfect for those with a full time job)

  • Position trades - these are usually strictly shares set-ups and are meant to be held multiple weeks/months to take advantage of full market cycles and capital rotations

  • Option Contract set ups that include strike and date

Set ups include: entry points, stop loss points, and profit taking points. Entry AND exit alerts are sent to the members when it's time to enter or exit a position.

3. The Education/Charts Group: This is where important market updates and charts/educational information is sent

Along with the set ups, you’ll receive a few crash courses in video form upon joining so you get a little bit of a running start.

How are the set ups sent?

Directly to your phone. We have a group on Telegram dedicated for daily set ups through the week. As opportunities arise, we post the full set up in the chat, including: entry, exit, and stop loss points. 

Discount applied to first month payment only.

This is a trial period. You will be automatically charged after 7 days. Pricing for new members only. Cancel without hassle if you don't enjoy our services.
This is a monthly subscription with no contract. Hyper Stocks does not offer refunds on any digital product and/or service.